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  1. Program Reorganization Launch

  2. ALL age groups to practice two hours twice a week.

  3. Due to increase in hours for 2nd-6th grade, fee increase.

  4. New fee structure is now equal across the board.

  5. ALL members pay a $95.00 monthly Academy Basketball Program fee.  Please understand that if you take advantage of all practice hours (16 on average) and game hours (4 or more on average) per month, you are paying $4.75 an hour for professional/certified coaches to instruct your child/children.  That simply cannot be matched by any other organization offering similar opportunities.

  6. Please understand that all members are responsible for the Program Fee whether they attend all practices or not. They are responsible for the fee whether they play games or not.  We do not prorate the fee.

  7. The Program fee is due by the end of each month.  If the fee has not been paid by the last day of the month, a private message will be sent to notify the family.  If the fee has not been paid by the 5TH DAY of the FOLLOWING month, the family will receive a private message alerting them to the stoppage in services for their child.  The child will not be eligible for practice or participation in games until the fee is paid. WE DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS.

  8. League fee to remain $45.00.  Please understand that we collect this and then turn around and write a check for the total amount of all our teams to the Courts.  

  9. ALL fees may be paid as follows:  1. By check to Academy Basketball 2. By cash in an envelope with player name and grade on the outside 3. By mailing a check to 3939 East Latoka Street 65809 4. By Paypal sending money to

  10. Two coaches with professional experience.

  11. Three coaches USA Basketball Gold Certified. (NCAA Eligible)

  12. Changes to begin August 2018.


II.      Changes to Tournament Opportunities

  1. ALL age groups will now have tournament opportunities.

  2. 2nd-6th grade teams/players will be alerted to a tournament one month in advance.  Tournaments will be selected year round. All 2nd-6th grade families will be asked if they would like to participate.  

  3. Once enough families have paid the entry fee two weeks in advance of the event, then that age group will be entered.  If enough players have not been paid for at the two week deadline, then there will be no tournament. ALL tournaments will be optional.

  4. 7th-8th grade teams/players will have tournament opportunities throughout the months that they are not playing for their school team.  The tournament process will mirror that of the 2nd-6th grade groups.

  5. 7th-8th grade:  The Coaches (Baker, Mallett, and Hawkins) may invite players to participate on a “select” team that will be involved in a tournament package that will include up to 6 events and could include travel outside a 45 minute radius from Springfield.  

  6. 9th-12th grade teams/players will continue to have tournament packages offered during the months that they are not playing for their school teams.  There will be three packages: 1. All Local 2. All local with one out of area event. 3. All travel events.

  7. ALL players are expected to pay their monthly program fee and league fees separate from the tournament fee.  


III.     League Policy

  1. Once you are on a roster for a league, you MUST honor that commitment to your team.  ALL of the Coaches are disappointed, disillusioned, and frustrated with families that sign up for or refuse to communicate that they are not playing in a league when the roster deadline has passed and the team is registered!  WORSE, all of the coaches are frustrated by those who begin a league playing in games and then dump their team in the middle of that league. Leaving rosters short of players means that individuals have cheated the rest of their team out of opportunities!  Please consider it from your position if your child was excited to play and others dropped out after the season started and your child suddenly lost the chance to play games because there were not enough players. It simply is not fair no matter how you look at it.  

  2. Make sure to check your child’s schedule on the Courts website ( at the beginning of a league, at the beginning of each week, and on game day.  There are changes made from time to time that are completely out of our control.

  3. Make sure you plan around the game schedule.  We try to create rosters of at least 8 players but prefer 10 because we have situations where we only have 4 players show up for games.

  4. Arrive 20 minutes early for games.  Later games (8:00, 8:50, 9:30) often start early.  Coaches can argue for the game to be held until the actual game time, but if 5 players are present, they will often force the start of the game.  I will hold the coaches to this standard as well.

  5. All tournament team players must play in the leagues and are liable for league fees and monthly program fees which are not a part of the tournament fee.


IV.     Player Behavioral Expectations:

  1. The coaches expect players to listen.

  2. The coaches expect players to be respectful of each other, other teams, the referees, and the coaching staff.  Disrespect to the coaching staff will not be tolerated. If your child cannot handle coaching or constructive criticism without being disrespectful, then he/she will not be a part of Academy Basketball.  It is called coaching for a reason. (EX: A player is substituted out of the game and a coach tries to shake their hand and the player brushes them off as if they are invisible.)

  3. Negative comments, actions, and body language will result in consequences.

  4. A player will be informed of consequences that will include loss of practice opportunities, loss of game playing opportunities, loss of membership!  The coaches will decide what consequences are merited.

  5. Please understand that if a player must be removed from the program, there will be no ill will on the part of the staff with regard to that player or family.  *** We simply cannot maintain a level of integrity if we tolerate inappropriate actions. ***


V.     Playing Time:

  1. Playing time will be earned.  It is fully understood and appreciated that everyone is paying to receive the services of Academy Basketball.  However, pay will NOT guarantee play. Hard work, consistency in practice, behavior, and progress will be factors in playing time.  Coaching decisions based on matchups also has an impact. (EX: We have learned that practically all of the school systems now not only collect an athletic participation fee each year but individual sports also collect a “pay to play” fee. Some as high as multiple hundreds of dollars.  We all know that playing time is earned there.)


VI.    Missed Practice:

  1. We understand that practice times and places can cause challenges. If we were in control of this situation, we would take every effort to make it as perfect as possible. However, once a player is registered, that is a commitment that the coaches assume.

  2. If we are NOT informed (ALL coaches) (1 or 2 days in advance because we will NOT remember a message from weeks before) that a player will be missing practice, then they will not get to participate in the next event in the way they would like and they will have extra strength training to catch up to those they missed. This includes league games and tournaments. (EX: Think about what your school coach would do if you missed practices without explanation.)

  3. You ALL need to understand that we cannot help you improve and cannot help your team improve if you are not at practice.  

  4. We are concerned about the future of ALL our players.  We want all of them to meet their next goal.


VII.   Program Objectives:

  1. To help all players learn the game of basketball.

  2. To help all players improve their basketball skill set, their basketball IQ (thinking the game on the court), and to help each player work toward their personal basketball goals (example: make the 7th grade school team, make the freshman team, make the JV, make the Varsity, play in college).

  3. To help players understand the connections between work ethic, effort, competitiveness, attitude, and personal success.

  4. Facilitate families/players, who are interested in pursuing college athletics, in the steps, strategies, and communication that is required to achieve that goal.    



VIII.   Workouts - Individual and Small Group:

  1. Unlimited Workouts for a month - $150.00 due first workout.

  2. Individual - 1 player $45.00/hr

  3. Individual - 2 player $40.00 each/hr

  4. Group - 3+ players $30.00 each/hr

  5. Workout payments are due before the workout.  There will be a sign in sheet and you will receive a receipt for your workout.

  6. For every 4 paid individual workouts, you get one free.

  7. For every 5 paid group workouts, you will get one free.

  8. Every player is offered one free group workout per month.  If there is more commitment, then we will offer two free a month.  

  9. These workouts and their fees are separate from the Academy practices and Academy monthly fee.  

*****Please see Coach Mallett to become involved in these workouts*****


IX.     Question and Answer

X.      International Opportunities:

  1. Coach Mallett’s international travel and play plan