Program Standards

    The ACADEMY Basketball Program was formed as an alternative to many of the programs that emphasize playing games, in a relatively unstructured manner, instead of emphasizing player development.


     The first objective of the program is to instruct players in the fundamentals of the game.  The SKILLS SESSIONS focus on ballhandling, shot mechanics, passing, post play, block out/rebounding, defense footwork, ball position, and physicality.  The staff consistently shares feedback  with each other regarding individual player progress.


     The second objective of the program is to instruct players in the fundamentals regarding team work.  The TEAM SESSIONS focus on helping the players to understand team offensive and defensive schemes and responsibilites.  Special attention from the staff is directed toward players understanding their role as a member of a team and how important that can be in the overall success of the team.


      The third objective of the program is to teach life lessons to all of the players.  An understanding of self and mutual responsibility, discipline, work ethic, leadership, how to work toward one's potential, and goal setting will benefit these young people for the rest of their lives. 


Membership Fees

Our membership fees are charged monthly.  They are due at the FIRST session a player attends.  There are commonly four to eight sessions available in a month.  The family chooses how many sessions the player attends during that month.  The monthly FEE is the SAME NO MATTER THE NUMBER OF SESSIONS ATTENDED.   


       Currently, the monthly fee is $75.00 for Academy NEW HORIZONS Basketball 2nd-5th grade.   The ACADEMY "The Next Level" fee is $95.00 for 6th-12th grade. These are payable to Academy Basketball at the BEGINNING of each month or at the FIRST session or FIRST game in each month. The billing cycle ends on the 10th day of each month.  If a player chooses to play on a team, which is optional, then the league fee of $45.00 is separate and is paid once at the beginning of the league. If a player chooses to play on a team, but does not attend team sessions, they still MUST PAY the MONTHLY FEE so that the coaches can be compensated and all program costs covered.  The league fee simply registers the team, it does not pay the coaches.  


       Because of Chronic Late Payments and NO Payments, the following policies have been added; 


       ALL Program Monthly Fees are now on a billing cycle that ends on the 10th day of EACH MONTH.  ALL accounts not paid by that time, will receive a private message reminder.  If there is no payment or communication, then services will be terminated. 


       ALL league fees will be due, not less, than one week prior to the beginning date for league play.   If the league fee is not paid by the start of the league, the player in question will not be allowed to play until the league fee and late fee are paid.  


Contact us to join.




    All players must pay a league fee of $45.00 at the beginning of each league.