Sport Programs

Academy NEW HORIZONS Basketball

     This is our basic program.  This is where the players attend skills and team concepts sessions on a weekly basis.  They learn the fundamentals to make themselves better players and they learn how to work effectively in a team setting.  They may also choose to be on a team roster and then participate in a league suited to their level of ability.  That is why our program is open to everyone whether they have played basketball before or not.  Patience in the growth of players' abilities is critical for all. 

      The monthly PROGRAM FEE for 2nd-5th grade of $75.00 covers all of the sessions and/or games where coaches work with the players.  It MUST BE PAID even if the player CHOOSES TO ATTEND GAMES ONLY and not practices. This program fee is due at the FIRST PRACTICE of each month OR the FIRST GAME of each month with the deadline being the 10th of each month.   A separate LEAGUE FEE of 45.00 is charged at the beginning of the league and is used to register teams and take care of administrative processes not to pay coaches. 

       Please make sure that you contact PLAY IT AGAIN SPORTS to purchase a jersey and shorts if you choose to place your child on a team to participate in a league.