This is our highest level of competition, instruction, and committment.  We have done an excellent job of serving the mass of boys and girls who wish to play basketball. We have had reasonable success in tournament play.  


     However, we want to offer an opportunity for the most advanced, most competitive, and most dedicated players and families to work toward playing at the next level. 


     "The Next Level" Academy is designed to offer players an opportunity to work hard toward their ultimate goals. Make sure you take note of the points below.


***What does the Academy offer??


1. The level of instruction and intensity of instruction is higher than the other sections of Academy Basketball.  It will include tournament team play.


2. The Academy will be coached by those who have played college and possibly professional basketball and/or coaches who are NCAA Certified and USA Basketball Gold Card members. Our Head Coach and General manager is Kevin Baker.  Our Assistant Coach is Nolan Bettlach.



3. Because of the approach and specialized staffing, the monthly Academy fee for 6th grade and up is currently $95.00 in order to cover costs.  3rd grade through 5th grade is $55.00.    


4. Academy "The Next Level" is open to athletes participating on 3rd grade through 12th grade teams.


5. The target ages for Academy groups are 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, and 17U.  


6. Academy practices will be conducted for any number of players, but teams will not be formed until a minimum of 7 players are in that particular age group.  The preferred roster is 10 per age group.  ***So, ENCOURAGE FRIENDS AND FELLOW TEAM MATES TO JOIN YOU!


7. Academy players must participate in the leagues that all other Academy teams play in but they will be in a competitive situation. 


8. Academy players and families must understand that they will be expected to participate in tournaments that will most likely occur from April to August in addition to league games. 


9. Academy tournaments will possibly include travel to events in Springfield, Reoublic, Ozark, Branson, Kansas City, Tulsa, and Kansas City.


10. Academy families would accept the fact that there would be a separate "tournament package" fee in addition to the monthly 95.00 program fee.  This package fee would cover the tournament entry fees, extra coaching hours fee, coaching travel costs (including room and board if necessary), and administrative fees.  


11. Academy families would also need to understand that they will incur personal travel costs.


12. Families will need to obtain a uniform at Play It Again Sports.  The coaching staff will assign a roster number to each player.


13. Academy players may be dismissed for inappropriate behavior at the discretion of the staff.  The Academy Basketball Program has established a reputation of sportsmanship and honor that will be maintained.


***The Academy launched in August of 2017!!


***Fall will focus on training and league play.


***Winter will focus on training/workouts.  


***February/March will begin roster tryout and selection for tournament teams with participation in leagues and tournaments into August.