Sport Programs

Academy Basketball Tournament 

     The ACADEMY TOURNAMENT TEAMS are for the most advanced players in each age group.  The Tournament teams play in the local basketball leagues but also have the opportunity to play in tournaments. 

      The tournaments are selected to give the players a different experience from the local leagues.  The tournaments are selected so that travel time does not exceed one hour from our home base in Springfield, but there could be an exception.  For our younger players, we will try to stay within 45 minutes of Springfield.  If the families involved agree to travel to NCAA sanctioned tournaments, then one or more can be selected. 

       Special uniforms are purchased by the player, through our account at PLAY IT AGAIN SPORTS, to be used for the league games and tournaments. 

        Keep in mind that participation in the Tournament program is optional.  All Tournament players are expected to attend the normal skills and team concepts sessions. 

         Just like the Aacdemy regular basketball program, participation with the Tournament Teams requires the monthly $95.00 program fee due at the beginning of each month.  The league and tournament fees are separate.

         Unlike most traveling programs that charge 1000's of dollars, our Tournament Program costs a fraction of that.  Offering several tournaments and league participation along with the monthly program fee, the Tournament program is often an investment of 500-1000 dollars for a five month span (usually April to August).  The cost covers the entry fees, processing fees, the coaching fee, and the coaches' travel expenses. Other programs often run 3000-7000 dollars for the same time frame. 

         Tournament teams may be boys or girls teams and usually include 6th grade players to incoming 12th grade players. We will create as many teams as families wish to have.  Teams must have a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 12 players.  


          Because these teams are open to ALL interested players and families, there are no tryouts or cuts unless we reach the maximum of 12 players.