Dear Parents,


      I started the ACADEMY Program in 2011 with the hope that the boys and girls who join as 3rd graders will then stay with the program until they are ready for their senior year in high school.  I believe that if they do this, then they will have made great progress and will be able to enjoy basketball for a lifetime.


      The ACADEMY Basketball Program provides traveling team opportunities that participate in NCAA sanctioned events.  The staff focuses on SKILL development and TEAM development every week.  The members are invited to be at both sessions every week.  The members are also invited to join age appropriate and skill appropriate teams in the local leagues.  However, participation in the leagues is optional.  No matter what members choose to do no matter how many sessions or games they attend, they always receive the attention of the staff.


What sets us apart from other programs? 

     FIRST, there is an expectation for players to be at practices and games.  If they miss they may be lost in the scheme for a short while but they do NOT "lose their place on the team." However, a player not attending sessions may see dramatically reduced playing time due to their lack of understanding, NOT as a punishment.  Playing time is NEVER guaranteed and equal playing time will not happen in most situations, but playing time may be earned by knowing what to do and working hard all the time. 

     SECOND, a member may join or leave the basic program at anytime because there are no contracts. 

     THIRD, as stated before, the program is affordable.  The monthly program fee is currently $75.00 per player 2nd through 5th grade.  The ACADEMY "The Next Level!" 6th grade -12th grade fee is $95.00 a month due to twice as much gym time and coach time. Some programs currently cost as much as $250.00 or more per month and can require contracts!  Some programs also charge as much as $2000.00 up front.  There are NO upfront fees like this with Academy. FINALLY, our basic program is open to all players.  Unlike other programs who weed out kids (only the tallest can play, only experienced players can participate, only developed athletes are welcome), our program has kids who have never played basketball all the way up to advanced players.  The ACADEMY "The Next Level" does involve the possibility for tryouts and cuts due to tournmanet play.


Positive Feedback from Parents, Players, and Officials:



***Here is the most recent TESTIMONIAL from a Father who had his son try our program:  


I wanted to follow up with you and thank you for letting Caleb experience practice last weekend.  He got more coaching in 2 hours than his previous couple falls combined.


     (Parent) "Our family appreciates all of the very hard work and dedication of you and your staff."  (Parent) "Thanks for all that you are doing and for your positive feedback to our child and to us."  (Parent) "Thanks for your understanding, when we have to miss, and thank you for your hard work." (Parent) "Thank you for everything Coach Baker!  I appreciate all that you have done/do to keep this program running.  It has been very beneficial."  (Parent) "My son and I both agree that your program is awesome and has been very, very good for his game!" (Official) "The Future Falcons Program is by far the best out here!"


      I appreciate the positive comments and I hope you will feel the same way should you choose to join us.  I am realistic that our program cannot and will not be able to please everyone.  The Falcons Elite Basketball Program is based on Respect, Discipline, Hard Work, and Honor.  Our staff members must be appropriate role models and we ask that our young members live up to our basic principles.  Bad sportsmanship and bad attitudes will NOT be tolerated.  I also ask that parents refrain from confronting the coaches if they are displeased.  If you have a concern, let me know.  When there is an adjustment to be made, it will be made.  However, not all issues are valid.  Coaches must be allowed to make coaching decisions. 


      If you would like for your child to be a part of the ACADEMY Basketball Program, simply send an email to  Please be sure to include your child's name and grade.  you will be added to an email group.  Your child can join at any session.  The program fee of $55.00 or $95.00 is always due at the first session they attend during the month. 


Thank you so much for your interest.


Coaches Baker and Coach Bettlach